Viviana Manrique Zuluaga


Born in 1979. National of Colombia. Senior public policy consultant.

Master's degree in interdisciplinary development studies; Undergraduate studies in law, philosophy and international relations; Specialized university courses in government and public policy, administrative law and European studies.

Previously held positions as University Professor (2004-2018), in particular for Comparative Law (2016-2017) and for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (2015-2017); Adviser to the President on Competitiveness and Productivity (2005-2008); Consultant on illicit drugs for the Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (2011-2018); Administrative Attorney (2014-2017); Director of the Centre for Monitoring Weapons and Illicit Drugs, Universidad del Rosario (2010-2014); Deputy Minister of the Interior (2009-2010); Deputy Presidential Commissioner for the Puebla-Panama Plan (2007-2008). Honours: Award for research on drug trafficking, presented by the Conference of American Armies (2015); Bomberos de Colombia (2011); Orden a la Justicia (2010); Colonel Bernardo Echeverry Ossa award in the "special first time" category, presented by the National Institute of Prisons and Penitentiaries (2010); Recognition by the National Narcotics Directorate of contribution to drug policy (2010); Colegial de Honor, Universidad del Rosario (2004).

Author and co-author of numerous publications including Illicit Drugs, in: Diagnóstico regional para el posconflicto en Colombia (chapter on illicit drugs) (Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos para la Educación, la Ciencia y la Cultura, 2018); Una aproximación integral a la problemática de drogas ilícitas en Colombia (2018); La realidad de las drogas sintéticas (2015); Políticas públicas de lucha contra las drogas en Colombia: una mirada sistémica (2015); La tenue línea de la tranquilidad: estudio comparado sobre seguridad ciudadana y policía (2004); Over 10 years as an expert analyst in Colombian written media, including, KienyKe online magazine and El Colombiano; television and radio interviews for Colombian and international channels and stations such as RCN, Caracol, Blue Radio and Cable Noticias; work for international media including CNN en Español and the Miami Herald.

Presenter and speaker at over 30 national and international conferences on illicit drugs and their relationship with citizen security, public policy and national security; Organizer of the National Conference on Drugs in Colombia (2010-2014).

Member of the International Narcotics Control Board (since 2020) [1]. Member of the Standing Committee on Estimates (since 2020).

[1] Elected by the Economic and Social Council on 7 May 2019.         

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