Expanding public-private partnerships

INCB pioneered public sector cooperation with relevant industries in the field of precursors, convening working groups involving industry, governments and international partners and developing innovative tools. Building on this success, INCB partners with internet marketplaces, chemical and transport sectors to build awareness to interdict the sales and distribution of dangerous non-controlled substances.


Field presence

Strategically placed Regional Technical Advisors (RTA) are deployed to key locations (East Asia, South Asia, Latin America, Middle East/North Africa) across the globe. Regional Technical Advisors focus on national and regional intelligence exchange, capacity building and the development of public-private partnerships through Governments to maximize the transfer of knowledge.


IONICS for intelligence exchange

INCB maintains the United Nations only real-time secure global communication platforms, providing information involving trafficking and manufacture or production of non-scheduled new psychoactive substances (NPS) and other dangerous substances.

IONICS provides officials from law and regulatory enforcement agencies a shared multi-agency means to communicate information and intelligence with one another to support investigation directly. PICS continues to provide the same means for government officials for the exchange of information and intelligence on precursors and non-scheduled chemicals.


Communication and alerts

Annual technical reports, surveillance lists, special notices and targeted intelligence alerts are produced as part of a comprehensive INCB strategy to raise strategic and operational awareness. These reference tools increasingly integrate the latest techniques and technologies, and are made available to law and regulatory enforcement focal points and trusted industry partners.


Training officers

Training on the optimal use of INCB practical tools is critical in order to ensure officers and officials can safely and effectively carry out their functions. INCB offers technical trainings and reference materials for groups of officers in person or through remote learning options. If your agency wants access to IONICS, reference guides, specialized tools or to learn about appropriate training opportunities, please contact the GRIDS team at: incb.grids@un.org

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