N. Larissa Razanadimby

Born in 1988. National of Madagascar. Head of Division for the importation of products under international control and customs clearance of donated health products, Department of Health Products Management, Department of Pharmacy, Laboratories and Traditional Medicine of the Ministry of Public Health (2014-2021).

Pharmacist, Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, Specialization in Pharmacy, University of Antananarivo Madagascar.

Previously, manager of the medical products storage warehouse of the Department of Pharmacy, Laboratories and Traditional Medicine, Ministry of Public Health (2014-2015); consulting positions in the Biorama cosmetics laboratory in Antananarivo, Madagascar (2014), acting pharmacist at the Ankadifotsy Pharmacy, Antananarivo, Madagascar (2013).

Appointed Permanent Secretary of the Technical Unit in Logistics Management of the Ministry of Public Health (2016).

Member of the Council of the National Order of Pharmacists of Madagascar, Member of the Board of Directors of the Solid Solute Supply Unit in Madagascar (2019), Member of the Commission for the opening and closing of drug depots intended for human use of the Ministry of Public Health, Member of the Logistics Commission of the Ministry of Public Health of Madagascar, Member of the Drafting Committee of the National Pharmaceutical Policy (PPN) and the National Pharmaceutical Master Plan (PDPN) of Madagascar (2016).

Lecturer in "Pharmacology and Therapeutics", Nursing Sciences, Interregional Institute for Paramedical Training.

Consultant for the implementation of the ADDO (Accredited Dispensing Drug Outlet) project (2022) within USAID / IMPACT Madagascar (2022).

Participant in the sub-regional workshop for the strengthening of national skills and the improvement of procedures for the selection of essential medicines, including those for mothers and children, by Experts from the World Health Organization, Cotonou, Benin ( 2018), training on supportive supervision by USAID, Antananarivo Madagascar (2018), training of quantifier pools on the need for health inputs by USAID, Antsirabe Madagascar (2018), training on management Supply Chain Management by Pamela Steele Associates, Nairobi, Kenya (2017), Seminar on Pharmaceutical Investment and Cooperation by the Chinese Government, Beijing and Shanghai, China (2017), Management Training, monitoring and evaluation of the input supply chain, by USAID Deliver Project Antananarivo (2016).

Publications include the scientific communication presented at the Biomad III conference in Mahajanga, Madagascar, on the theme "Health and biodiversity".

Member of the International Narcotics Control Board (since 2022) [1]. Member (2022) and Vice-Chair (2023) of the Standing Committee on Estimates.

[1] Elected by the Economic and Social Council on 20 April 2021.


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