This secure area allows access to INCB time-series data on the consumption of principal selected narcotic drugs, by country, for registered researchers and/or organizations, for non-commercial medical, scientific or academic research purposes. Users of this information submit to the the following terms and conditions.


In the following terms and conditions, 'The user' refers to individuals that use the information accessible through this secure area and any organizations on behalf of which they use this information.

(i) The user will only use this information for non-commercial medical, scientific or academic research purposes;

(ii) The results of research conducted by the user using this information will only be used in a manner which is consistent with the purposes and principles of the United Nations, as expressed in the United Nations Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

(iii) The user will acknowledge INCB as the source of this information in any research reports/relevant publications that use this information;

(iv) The user will provide copies of the research reports/relevant publications produced using this information to INCB;

(v) INCB bears no responsibility for the accuracy of data provided;

(vi) The data made available by INCB are subject to change based on information provided by Governments to INCB;

(vii) INCB reserves the right to unilaterally limit or interrupt the provision of data without prior notice and for any reason(s) it deems appropriate.

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