INCB Staff Visit Swissmedic (9 - 11 December 2013)

 To strengthen its continuous dialogue with the national competent authorities, a visit at Swissmedic and its laboratory was conducted by INCB staff from 9 to 11 December 2013.

From left to right: Mr. Levent Canturk (INCB),
Mr. Philippe Girard (Swissmedic)
Ms. Monika Joos (Swissmedic)

From left to right: Mr. Philippe Girard (Swissmedic),
Ms. Ha Fung Ng, Cilla (INCB)
Ms. Monika Joos (Swissmedic)

Topics including the organizational structure of Swissmedic, the national drug control system in Switzerland, measures and initiatives taken to comply with the international drug control conventions, and the challenges faced by the national competent authorities were discussed. In-depth demonstration of the various electronic systems adopted by Swissmedic in fulfilling its reporting obligations was also performed. In particular, exchange of ideas and concern among Ms. Monika Joos (Head of Narcotics Division, Swissmedic), her team members and INCB staff greatly facilitated understanding of the challenges involved in the implementation of drug conventions.

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