Mission to the Republic of Senegal


VIENNA, 31 October - From 24-27 October 2016, an INCB mission visited the Republic of Senegal. The mission was led by Mr. Raymond Yans, Member of the Board, accompanied by Mr. Paul Rabbat of the INCB secretariat. The objective of the mission was to discuss the implementation by the Republic of Senegal of the three international drug control conventions.

The mission, which was coordinated by the Inter-ministerial Committee on Drugs, included meetings with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Finance, Health, Defence, Interior and Public Security and the Ministry of Social Action as well as with Customs and Law enforcement authorities.

While in the country, the mission also visited a treatment facility as well as two NGOs working in the field of prevention.

The findings of the mission will be presented to the Board at its 118th session, scheduled to take place in February 2017.

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