Emergency in Vanuatu

The recent tropical cyclone that struck Vanuatu has resulted in an emergency situation requiring, inter alia, urgent shipments of medications, including medicines containing internationally controlled narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

The INCB would like to remind all Governments that in acute emergencies, it is possible to apply simplified control procedures for the export, transportation and provision of medicinal products containing controlled substances. In the current situation, national competent authorities may permit the export of medicines containing narcotic drugs and/or psychotropic substances to Vanuatu even in the absence of the corresponding import authorizations and/or estimates.  Emergency deliveries need not be included in the estimates of the receiving country ( click here for the circular in pdf format).

Competent national authorities would find further information on this subject in the Guidelines for the international provision of controlled medicines for emergency medical care developed by WHO in cooperation with INCB.

Competent national authorities are invited to contact INCB in case of assistance or information being required in order to facilitate the supply of controlled substances to Vanuatu.


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