INCB's contribution to the thematic discussions on the UNGASS outcome document

VIENNA, 12 October - The INCB made presentations as contributions to the thematic discussion on the implementation of the UNGASS outcome document, during the fourth intersessional meeting of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, 59th session, from 10-11 October.


The first presentation focussed on ensuring the availability of and access to controlled substances exclusively for medical and scientific purposes, while preventing their diversion. INCB highlighted responsibilities and concrete areas of action for Member States, the international community and the pharmaceutical industry. Member States expressed appreciation for the work of the INCB in this area, and welcomed the INCB Learning Project as a key instrument in the implementation of the operational recommendations of the outcome document.




The second presentation delivered under chapter 3 (Supply reduction and related measures) highlighted a number of existing tools, made available by INCB, to support Governments' efforts in chemical diversion prevention and cooperation in the investigation of precursor seizures and suspicious transactions. Tools include the PEN Online system (to send pre-export notifications for chemicals) and PICS (the communication platform for Member States to exchange real-time information on incidents involving chemicals); they also extend to INCB-led time-bound operations to develop actionable intelligence on specific chemicals and/or geographical regions. The Board's tools to enhance public private partnerships, an area of increasing relevance in dealing with the complexity of international trade in chemicals, were also presented. Member States noted the importance of precursor control and expressed their appreciation for INCB's work.

The INCB presentations may also be viewed here.

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