INCB holds consultations with the World Health Organization (WHO)

Vienna, 20 May 2016 - During its 116th session, taking place from 17 to 27 May 2016, the International Narcotics Control Board held consultations with representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Vladimir Poznyak, Coordinator of the Management of Substance Use team, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, and Dr. Gilles Forte, Coordinator of the Policy, Access and Use team of the Essential Medicines and Health Products Department.

The consultation provided an opportunity to reiterate the commitment between the Board and WHO to continue to strengthen their cooperation in a number of key areas, such as the availability of internationally controlled substances for medical and scientific purposes. In this regard, reference was made to the call to Governments, in the outcome document of the special session of the General Assembly on the world drug problem, held in April 2016, to strengthen the capacity of competent national authorities to adequately estimate and assess the requirements for controlled substances, including by making use of the WHO/INCB Guidance.  WHO had participated in a session on the availability of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances for medical and scientific purposes during the INCB regional training event held in Nairobi, Kenya in April 2016.

The consultation during the Board's 116th session also included discussions on new psychoactive substances, the prevalence and impact of abuse of a number of substances, and the next meeting of the WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence, at which INCB participates as an observer.

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