INCB participation in the Seminar on "Women and Drugs: from policy to good practice"

Vienna, 27 June 2017 - Prof.Jallal Toufiq participated on behalf of INCB in the Seminar on "Women and Drugs: from policy to good practice", which was organized by the Pompidou Group from 26-27 June in Rome.

Prof.Toufiq highlighted in the opening session the difficulties that women with drug dependency have in accessing treatment, pointing out the global disparity between drug abuse and the access to treatment. Although women represent one third of global drug users, they constitute only one fifth of drug treatment recipients. In addition, there has been a disproportionate increase in overdoses among women. These challenges are highlighted in the thematic chapter of the INCB Annual Report for 2016 on "Women and drugs". 

The Board Member emphasized that more attention should be given to gender-specific policies of prevention and treatment. The INCB Annual Report for 2016 further recommends that measures should be taken to address the stigma associated with drug-dependence and to collect data disaggregated by age, sex and other relevant factors.

With relation to the increase in the number of women being imprisoned for drug-related offences, INCB in its Annual Report reminds all States wishing to reduce the numbers of incarcerated women of the possibility of utilizing the relevant provisions of the conventions, which allow for, in cases of a minor nature, the provision of alternatives to conviction or punishment, such as treatment, rehabilitation and social reintegration.

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