World Mental Health Day - INCB on Access to Controlled Substances and Treatment for those Living with a Mental Health Condition

Vienna, 10 October 2017 -

Mental health is an integral part of health; indeed, there is no health without mental health

- World Health Organization

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day 2017, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) applauds the important work being done towards raising awareness of mental health issues and mobilizing efforts in support of better mental health.

This year's theme is Mental Health in the Workplace. Creating positive workplaces has an impact on both mental health and overall productivity, which can be linked to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly 3.4 on non-communicable chronic diseases (NCD) and mental health challenges. INCB recognises the synergies between treating both NCDs and mental disorders and illnesses, including by noting that both often require access to adequate health services and medical care.

The international drug conventions promote the availability of those controlled substances that are essential for the treatment and management of the well-being of patients. Insufficient or inadequate access to psychotropic substances is predominantly pronounced in low- and middle-income countries, posing a significant challenge to the treatment of mental illness or NCD.

INCB would like to remind Governments to ensure that those living with mental health challenges are provided appropriate access to the treatment they require.

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