INCB presents plan of action at G-7 expert meeting on innovative responses to the challenges posed by synthetic drugs


Washington D.C. / Vienna, 14 June 2018 - Mr. Rossen Popov, Deputy Secretary of the Board, represented the International Narcotics Control Board at the G-7 ad-hoc expert meeting on innovative responses to the challenges posed by synthetic drugs, held in Washington D.C. on 13 June 2018.

The discussion centered on the unique nature of the challenges presented by trafficking in and abuse of synthetic opioids, including fentanyl analogues, and on finding new multilateral tools to address these challenges.

Addressing the G7 expert meeting, Mr. Popov presented INCB's plan of action and its initial results. He explained that innovative solutions were needed at the national and international levels to help the international community keep pace with the problem with a view to safeguarding public health and welfare. 

The OPIOIDS Project, INCB's latest global project, reinforced by Project Ion and Project PRISM, are in the frontline of the international community's response to the synthetic opioids challenge. The OPIOIDS project aims to develop international agency and industry partnerships and increase awareness regarding the nature and global scale of the synthetic opioids and fentanyls problem. To do so, the project supports international initiatives that enhance information sharing and facilitate cooperation for the detection and communication of trafficking incidents. In addition, the project promotes tools, task forces, and training that helps ensure safety and security.

The experts discussed the results of these ongoing projects so far and future actions to be taken. This would involve strengthening existing and building new partnerships between international and national agencies to effectively address the complex problem posed by trafficking in and abuse of synthetic opioids.


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