INCB strengthens multi-agency capacity and global intelligence sharing in Latin America - Chile

Santiago, Chile , 11-13 November 2019 - The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) participated in the International Conference on Synthetic Drugs to strengthen capacity of law-enforcement agencies to identify, interdict and exchange intelligence on non-medical synthetic opioids in Chile. The workshop, held from 11 to 13 November 2019, brought together international experts from Brazil, Chile, China, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Interpol and INCB, and included 120 local officers from police units. Officers learned about the changing NPS trafficking situation and regional differences in the opioids crisis and received practical information on interdiction and global intelligence sharing tools to effectively respond to the new global trafficking paradigm of dangerous substances, such as fentanyls.

Photo: The workshop brought together international experts from Brazil, Chile, China, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Interpol,INCB, and 120 local officers

Leonardo Torres Ramirez, head of National Narcotics Police and Organized Crime, stressed the importance to strengthening coordination efforts and information sharing mechanisms to effectively detect, prevent, investigate, and respond to the threats posed by non-scheduled substances, such as NPS, non-medical synthetic opioids and fentanyl-related substances. "Real-time intelligence provided by global communication platforms available to Chile, such as those provided by INCB, will enhance the analytical and technical ability of our officers to effectively address the challenges posed by the illicit trade of synthetic drugs and chemicals, their production and distribution", said Mr. Torres.

Following the conference, INCB trainer experts also trained 21 officers including Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Public Health, Police, Postal and Customs investigators, on identification and safe interdiction methods of emerging substances, such as fentanyls, and how to operate INCB's global secure intelligence sharing platform (IONICS) to send and receive intelligence and alerts that support domestic and international investigations of dangerous substances that are not internationally scheduled. Patricio Navarro, head of Police Department of Investigation of Chemical Substances, highlighted that "communication tools for operational coordination, such as IONICS, are essential for police work as they allow us to keep up to date with global and regional seizures, particularly those involving our country, and to make more effective operational and investigative decisions".

Photo: Photo: INCB fast training approach includes intelligence sharing exercises for custom officers via the IONICS platform.

The Board's global OPIOIDS Project and Project ION support Governments' capacity to respond to changing trafficking, online marketing and sales patterns of NPS, non-medical synthetic opioids and fentanyl-related substances and their precursors, by building trust, improving communication and facilitating information sharing that interdict distribution of these dangerous substances.


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