INCB to be presented with the outcomes of the Joint INCB-UNODC International Conference on Precursors Control in Asia
during it's 109th Session

The Joint INCB-UNODC International Conference on Precursors Control in Asia, held between 2-4 December brought together representatives from government and international organizations as well as national experts to discuss ways to address the challenges posed to countries in Asia and beyond by criminal groups smuggling precursor chemicals.

The officials present drafted and agreed to the following political declaration, as well as Expert Group recommendations based on the themes discussed during the conference which will be presented to the Board next week during its 109th Session.

Some 100 leading Government officials from the Asia region and beyond attended the event, including Deputy Minister of Counter Narcotics of Afghanistan, Ibrahim Azhar, INCB President Raymond Yans, INCB Board memberĀ 
Viroj Sumyai, and UNODC Regional Representative for South East Asia and the Pacific, Jeremy Douglas.

The political declaration, outlining the intention and commitment of States present at the conference to combat the diversion and use of precursors in illicit drug manufacture, backed up by concrete recommendations, signaled the beginning of a new momentum to overcome current challenges in Precursors control in Asia and beyond.

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