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These tutorials provides competent national authorities an overview on how the electronic system works and also how is the process of registration.

How does interntaional trade control work with I2ES

How does international trade control work now? How does with I2ES?


4 minutes, 33 seconds.


How the I2ES system works

International Import and Export Authorization System (I2ES)


25 seconds.


How to register on I2ES

Registration of a new user

The first request from a country for a user account should be for "administrator",
i.e. the person with full I2ES privileges and responsible for managing all other users
of his/her country. The INCB Secretariat will verify the authenticity of the request
for administrator" with the Government concerned through official channels,
before authorizing the request. This may take several days. You will be
notified by email once the administrator account has been authorized.


1 minute, 9 seconds.


To watch more tutorial about the functionalities of the I2ES system, please register you as a user on the training site here.

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