Psychotropic Substances - Technical Report

On an annual basis the INCB secretariat publishes a technical report that provides an overview of the world wide licit manufacture, export, import, stocks and consumption of substances controlled under the Convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971. In addition to providing specific figures for movements of many scheduled substances the report includes a commentary on emerging and ongoing trends in the licit market for psychotropic substances under international control.

Psychotropic Substances 2022

Statistics for 2021
Assessments of Annual Medical Scientific Requirements for Substances for 2023


ISBN: 978-92-1-148377-2

United Nations, Vienna 2023

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Full Report + Annexes (English / Français / Español)

Past Editions

Previous editions of the technical report are available in English, French and Spanish and contain the full annexes of trade data for their respective year.

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