INCB Learning's e-modules now available in French and Portuguese

VIENNA, 6 August 2021 - The first three INCB Learning e-modules are now available in French and Portuguese, in line with the commitment of the International Narcotics Control Board and the United Nations to multilingualism.

The new language versions of INCB Learning's e-modules were developed thanks to the generous in-kind contribution of Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD) of the Organization of American States (OAS). The Board extends its gratitude for the contribution and the cooperation.


Available since October 2019 in English, and since March 2020 in Spanish, INCB Learning's e-modules are free of charge to competent national authorities with no limitation on the number of staff that can be registered for each competent national authority. The e-modules offer self-paced training on the estimates system for narcotic drugs, the assessment system for psychotropic substances, and estimates of annual legitimate requirements (ALRs) for imports of precursors of amphetamine-type stimulants:

The new development follows the release of the fourth INCB Learning e-module, International Drug Control Framework and the International Drug Control Board, in June 2021. This fourth e-module is currently available in English, with the Spanish language version under development.

Up to 4 August 2021, 1,014 officials from 127 countries and territories have enrolled in the INCB Learning's e-modules, more than a threefold increase compared to the year before. Successful completion of the e-modules is acknowledged with an online certificate. Requests for access can be sent to

In December 2020, INCB Learning included on its webpage a new section with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ compendium) from officials of competent national authorities. This section is also available in French and is currently being translated into Spanish.

To assist competent national authorities in their duties, all training materials have been consolidated and are now available on a dedicated Resources page. This page provides links to different sources of information, training materials, various guidelines, tools, and links to forms which support the reporting to INCB.

INCB Learning was launched in 2016 to support Member States in their full implementation of and full compliance with the international drug control conventions through awareness-raising and training. One of the objectives of INCB Learning is to address the barriers to the adequate availability of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances required for medical and scientific purposes, while preventing their abuse and diversion into illicit channels. The submission of timely and accurate national reports to the Board of estimated requirements, statistical data for controlled substances and estimates of annual legitimate requirements for precursors are essential to achieving this objective. Activities of INCB Learning have been made possible through the contributions of the Governments of Australia, Belgium, France, the Russian Federation, Thailand and the United States of America.


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