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To support Governments to adequately estimate and assess their needs for internationally controlled substances, the following e-learning modules were developed for use of competent national authorities:

The modules are free of charge and available upon request to staff members of competent national authorities. There is no limitation on the number of staff that can be registered for each competent national authority.

Successful completion of the e-learning modules will be acknowledged with an online certificate. The modules are available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Translation into other languages is dependent on the availability of extrabudgetary contributions.

Click here for more information on registration and to access the INCB e-learning modules.

The INCB e-learning modules aim at assisting Governments in building capacity and institutional knowledge. The Board welcomes any comments or feedback about the modules.

As of 2 August 2021, 1013 officials of the competent national authorities of 127 countries and territories have been granted access to the e-learning modules.

Countries and territories that have enrolled in the INCB e-learning modules
(status on 2 August 2021)

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