No Patient Left Behind: Progress in Ensuring Adequate Access to Internationally Controlled Substances for Medical and Scientific Purposes




Executive Summary

I. Introduction

A.  Availability of and access to controlled substances and the international drug control conventions

B. Availability and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

C. Methodology and background

II. Impediments to ensuring the adequate availability of controlled medicines

Implementation of recommendations

III. Narcotic drugs

A. Supply of and demand for opiate raw materials and opioids

B. Adequacy and trends in the consumption of opioid analgesics

IV. Psychotropic Substances

A. Supply of psychotropic substances controlled under the 1971 Convention

B. Determining adequate needs for psychotropic substances

C. Availability of psychotropic substances

V.  Availability of internationally controlled drugs for the treatment of opioid dependence

VI. Ensuring the availability of internationally controlled drugs in emergency situations

A. Background on simplified control measures during emergency situations

B. Impact of COVID-19 on the availability of controlled substances

C. Implementation of simplified control measures during emergency situations

VII. Conclusions and recommendations

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