The International Narcotics Control Board launches a new INCB Learning e-module

Vienna, 21 May 2021 - The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) is pleased to announce the release of a new INCB Learning module on the International Drug Control Framework and the International Drug Control Board. This self-paced module will enable government officials to strengthen their knowledge of the international drug control framework established by the three international drug control treaties and provides an opportunity to enhance their understanding of the work and mandate of INCB.

Upon completion of INCB Learning e-modules, participation is acknowledged with an online certificate.

The new e-module joins the three already existing INCB Learning e-modules on the Estimates System for Narcotic Drugs, Assessment System for Psychotropic Substances, and Estimates of annual legitimate requirements (ALRs) for Imports of Precursors of Amphetamine-Type Stimulants, which support Governments in ensuring treaty compliance.

Free of charge and available for government officials of competent national authorities, the e-modules aim at building capacity and enhancing institutional knowledge, even in times of staff turnover. The four e-modules are currently available in English and Spanish. French and Portuguese versions will become available in the near future. INCB Learning looks forward to reaching a larger audience through the translation and development of the materials. Translation into other UN official languages is dependent on the availability of extrabudgetary contributions.

As of 18 June 2021, 923 officials of competent national authorities from 113 countries and territories have enrolled in the INCB Learning e-modules. Access to the modules can be requested at

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