Establishing a list of fentanyl-related substances with no known legitimate uses

In June 2018, the Board established the first-ever list of fentanyl-related substances with no know legitimate medical or industrial uses. This followed a thorough review of fentanyl-related substances which had been reported as being encountered in illicit internet sales, trafficked or seized, in toxicology, or related incident reports. The list is a practical tool in which to inform Governments, investigators and frontline officers, and industry partners and to facilitate actions to counter their manufacture, marketing, movement and monetization.

The Board, through circular letter E/INCB/PRE/C.L. 15/2018 invited all relevant Government authorities, and through them, industry partners, to refrain on a voluntary basis from any manufacture, import, export or distribution of the substances on the list, beyond limited research and analytical purposes. In the absence of any legitimate purposes, the list may also help Governments to launch appropriate interdiction and industry cooperation actions.

In the event Governments become aware of any legitimate medical or industrial uses of those substances, for example from assessments for national controls, they are encouraged to provide all relevant information to INCB. The list is regularly updated to ensure that it remains current in the light of dynamic illicit markets and new information available.

Click here to download the list.

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