IONICS is the only secure online communication platform dedicated to real-time communication of incidents involving suspicious shipments of, trafficking in, or illicit manufacture or production of new psychoactive substances (NPS), including fentanyl related substances (FRS) and other non-medical synthetic opioids. IONICS allows for the development of strategic and operational intelligence to counter global trafficking.

The platform:

  • Offers secure communication of NPS incidents available to focal points (multiagency collaboration);
  • Helps in the identification and linking of key manufacturers and distribution hubs;
  • Provides updates of actions and outcomes under Project ION and the OPIOIDS Project operational initiatives;
  • Works on mobile devices including most tablets and smart phones;
  • Available to any law or regulatory enforcement investigator, at no cost;
  • Training available in multiple languages.

To ensure timely exchange of actionable intelligence, the Project ION team has created, and made available, training resources for IONICS users.

For more information, please contact the NPS team.




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