Compilation of Precursor-related Recommendations of the International Narcotics Control Board relevant to implementation by Governments



  1. Legislation and Control Measures
    1. Working mechanisms and operating procedures
    2. Invoking article 12, paragraph 10(a) of the 1988 Convention
    3. Measures to prevent diversion from domestic distribution channels
    4. Annual legitimate requirements (ALRs)
  2. Use of pre-export notifications (PEN), PEN Online and Imports/Export Details
    1. Practicality of sending / receiving PENs
    2. PEN Online
  3. Participations in Multilateral Mechanisms: Precursors Incident Communications System (PICS); Projects Prism and Cohesion and related operations
    1. Projects Prism and Cohesion and related operations (including Operations Purple and Topaz which were merged to become Project Cohesion in 2006)
    2. Precursors Incident Communication System (PICS)
  4. Supporting Domestic and International Investigations
  5. Form D Submission; Sharing of Seizures Details
  6. Industry Cooperation
  7. Non-Scheduled Chemicals
  8. Preparations, Mixtures and Natural Products
  9. Undestanding the Market - Contextual Knowledge Regarding Modi Operandi and Specific Substances
    1. Specific methods and modi operandi in the diversion of precursors
    2. Substances
      Chemicals used in the illicit manufacture of amphetamine and methamphetamine
      Chemicals used in the illicit manufacture of fake "captagon"
      Chemicals used in the illicit manufacture of MDMA and its analogues
      Chemicals used int he illicit manufacture of heroin and cocaine
  10. Training, Capacity-Building, Technical Assistance
  11. Commitment and Shared Responsiblity; Country and Region Recommendations, Communications, and Conduct
    1. Commitment and shared responsibility
    2. General communications and cooperation with, and between, Governments
    3. Country and region specific recommendations
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