Compilation of Precursor-related recommendations of the INCB relevant to implementation by Governments

This document is a compilation of the recommendations relating to international precursor control produced by the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB). The recommendations have been compiled utilising the Board's annual reports on precursors from 2016-2000 and the Annual Reports from 2016-2004. As such, the document is an all-encompassing reflection of every single recommendation made by the Board in these published reports.

The document is structured thematically and includes sections on legislation and control measures, pre-export notifications (PENs), multilateral mechanisms, investigations, seizures and other reporting to the Board, industry cooperation, training and capacity-building, and substance and country specific contexts.

The document is also linked to the INCB Information Package, which is available to officials of competent national authorities on the Board's restricted web page and has a section (Part D) entitled "Summary of Recommendations of the International Narcotics Control Board Relevant to Implementation by Governments of Article 12 of the 1988 Convention". This section of the Information Package provides a practice oriented means of implementing systems, mechanisms and processes related to international precursor control. By comparison this document contains INCB recommendations in their original and unedited form. Hyperlinks have been added to Part D of the Information Package where appropriate to direct one to specific sections within this compilation of recommendations.

The referencing (sourcing) on this document appears in the following format: publication type/year of publication/paragraph or recommendation number. The initialism 'AR' means 'Annual Report' and 'PR' means 'Precursors Report'; 'P' refers to the paragraph in which the recommendation can be found, and 'R' refers to the recommendation in the Annual Report. For example, the reference 'PRE/2016/P9' can be found in the INCB Precursors Technical Report 2016, in paragraph 9. The reference 'AR/2008/R30' translates to INCB Annual Report 2008, recommendation 30.

Table of Contents

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